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On June 6, 2019, the holographic exhibition "FANTASM" was opened at the Moscow Center for Contemporary Art MARS, which was born as a result of the artistic union of singer and composer Dmitry Malikov, Art Dynamics Studio, photographer Roman Kadari and famous producer and director Elena Kiper who gathered to create the video "Dance, My Love".

The holographic space of the exhibition "ELIZ" organized by the studio Art Dynamics inspired director Elena Kiper to create a music video, and as a result of filming the project was inspired to create "FANTASM" based on the clip itself, which goes beyond the usual public perception of pop culture.
A special photoshoot was organized for the filming:couples were filmed dancing as well as ladies "in an interesting position". The creators of the video chose such an unexpected turn specifically to remind everyone of the eternal values of relationships, which become the basis for the continuation of life. In a sense, this is a manifesto, an expression of protest against losing of moral guidelines and the discrediting the family institution.

Motion designers of "ArtDynamics" studio processed the received images and made a holographic layout. They also provided holographic screens. And the scenes with the participation of the artist himself were filmed in specially selected interiors of Center Mars.

FANTASM exhibition Guests, with the help of VR technologies, will be able to feel in the center of the shooting process, stand next to Dmitry Malikov and even touch the famous artist. They will feel they are in the center of human lives cycle, in the center of a dance accompanied by beautiful instrumental music. Such immersion reminds meditation, and a person leaves the exhibition rested, as if after a "reset", returning with fresh energy to his own beautiful "dance of life".
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