Holographic exhibition PIXEL
Thanks to devices operating on persistence of vision technology (POV), viewers witness the meeting of two types of art — classical and digital. This performance is really impressive!
Holographic exhibition FANTASM
On June 6, 2019, the holographic exhibition "FANTASM" was opened at the Moscow Center for Contemporary Art MARS, which was born as a result of the artistic union of singer and composer Dmitry Malikov, Art Dynamics Studio, photographer Roman Kadari and famous producer and director Elena Kiper who gathered to create the video "Dance, My Love".
Historical retrospective in the ancient Lutheran church of Annenkirche (Saint Anna's church), created with the help of physical scenery and 3D projection.
TM Defence представила масштабную историческую ретроспективу в старинной лютеранской церкви Анненкирхе, созданную с помощью физических декораций и 3D-проекции.Студия Арт Динамикс обеспечивало техническое сопровождение мероприятия.
Exhibition "ROBOZOOPARK" a new form of life - animal robots.
Our studio has been developing from engineering to digital sculpting and animation for 1.5 years. Every robot has from 100 to 400 details and their own character of movements. The exhibition will feature 16 exhibits of fantastic fauna, each of which is truly unique. Every robot can be controlled.
An interactive exhibition of robots "Signal from Planet X".
Here, children and adults independently control robots, find secret codes for launching a space module from planet "X", and also travel through the expanses of virtual reality in the VR zone.
"FLUIDS" is an audiovisual exhibition.
Exhibition based on deep images created by Evgenia Maltseva, brought to life with the help of digital animation in holographic screens and multimedia projections, gracefully gliding around the viewer and communicating with him in the language of the musical art-house of Anastasia Martianova, a composer working in the style of expressionistic realism.
Show project "Robot R-ONE"
The design of the robot has been developed for more than 3 years and has more than 1700 parts. The robot can be controlled up to 1500 meters. The project covered a large number of modern technologies. A special animation management system was developed. Each arm of the robot is about 1.2 m long and weighs more than 5 kg.
Dynamic environment - FlyDynamics v.1
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