"ArtDynamics" Studio invites you to the MARS Museum of Modern Art for an interactive exhibition of robots "Signal from Planet X". Here, children and adults independently control robots, find secret codes for launching a space module from planet "X", and also travel through the expanses of virtual reality in the VR zone.
Guests will have to learn how to control robots, of which there are many here: a humanoid robot "Walter" shows a dancing robo-show, a cute robot Droid dancing on tracks, a lunar rover scanning space, a robo-platform equipped with super wheels by Ilon Bengt, a spider robot moving and copying movements from nature, a robot manipulator "Erdi", grabbing objects, bugs robots and others.
The world of children's fantasies has become tangible, as we have combined robots, art objects, technologies and virtual space in one project!
And all this is so that our children not only have an interesting time with their parents and grandparents, but also learn something new, become interested in technology, light the sparks of future interests.
It's time to make a landing on MARS and see the prototype of the largest Sulaco space transport ship in Moscow on its surface.
And children will probably want to climb into the ASTRA-01 space lander to press the buttons, flick the switches of the onboard instruments and find the secret code to start the engines. The exhibition guide is the star of TV projects, the two-meter robot R-ONE.
Отдельная зона оборудована беспроводными шлемами виртуальной реальности. Никаких тяжелых рюкзаков! Оказаться на месте спутника, парящего над поверхностью Земли или погрузиться в океан, выйти в открытый космос из станции Мир или стать участником робо-приключения, почувствовать себя художником и нарисовать картину в трёхмерном пространстве. A separate area is equipped with wireless virtual reality helmets. No heavy backpacks! To be in the place of a satellite hovering above the Earth's surface or dive into the ocean, go into outer space from the Mir station or become a participant in a robo-adventure, feel like an artist and draw a picture in three-dimensional space.
Interesting to everyone
Suitable for both boys and girls. Management is simple and interesting.
Always help
All our guests are accompanied by administrators.
Comfortable for the older generation
There are chairs for relaxing in the hall.
Different types of robots
At the exhibition, children independently control different types of robots: humanoid, spherical, crawling, walking, on caterpillars, etc.
Games and creativity in the virtual reality zone
The exhibition presents high-quality helmets of the latest development. Drawing in 3D space, diving into the ocean, hunting for robots and games of reaction.
We think about the little ones
In the robo-zones, podiums-steps for small children are installed so that they can see and comfortably control our robo-heroes.
Photo allowed
Put on a real astronaut helmet for a child and urgently into the space module! It makes great photos!
Cozy cafe
Parents can always chat over a cup of delicious coffee, and children can have a snack after the exhibition.
Interactive quest for attentiveness
All visitors are invited to find the code to start the engines of the space module. It's not difficult, but you have to be careful to find the codes on the robots.
A large wardrobe will add comfort.
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