The M'ARS Center for Contemporary Art, "ArtDynamics" Studio, artist Evgenia Maltseva and musician Anastasia Martyanova ("experimental dark ethnic") present:

FLUIDS is an audiovisual exhibition based on deep images created by Evgenia Maltseva, brought to life with the help of digital animation in holographic screens and multimedia projections, gracefully gliding around the viewer and communicating with him in the language of the musical art-house of Anastasia Martianova, a composer working in the style of expressionistic realism.
FLUIDS is an experiment, which combines different types and genres of art, weaving spectacular visual practices into a single plot, broadcasting the authors' ideas through soundtracks specially written for each art phenomenon.

FLUIDS project is the impulses of the creators of a new cultural code in art, sacred hashtags that determine the direction of the spiritual search of the authors. Among them are #God, #Death, #Spirit, #Vibrations, #Life, #Body, #Passion.
Photograph: lee Scott / Unsplash
This work was created using the technology of wood firing with a gas burner, the distinctive coal texture is visible
FLUIDS is a digital performance capable of helping a person through an image, sound, word. According to the authors, "art heals, and the task of the artist is to try to get to the inner structure of life, to influence it."

Photograph: lee Scott / Unsplash
"With the help of art, I want to restore the broken details of life. Now I focus not on criticism of society, but on sympathy. I want to talk about really important things happening in this world."
(c) Evgenia Maltseva

How it works
Take amazing photos through floating holograms
Photos and videos taken for personal use are welcome
More than 100 works of the artist in holograms and multimedia projections
Several series of the artist's works are displayed on each holographic screen
Audio Guide
"IZI Travel" audio guide (smartphone app), recorded by artist Evgenia Maltseva and Anastasia Martianova, a composer working in the genre of expressionistic realism. We ask you to bring headphones with you for comfortable listening and full immersion in the project. Each holographic screen and each picture has a QR code, after scanning which, Evgenia begins her story to the Anastasia's music.
Motion design
The artist's works are processed via video design technologies
Cafe in the center
There is always something to discuss over a cup of delicious coffee after visiting our exhibitions
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